New Bodyslideable Male High-Poly Body Project

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*er.. so is there like a way to download this yet? ik i saw one of your downloadable files for testing. but is there a more updated one you need help testing cuz id be willing to.

*also will this body work with HDT SMP? and will there be .xml files included for that? (cuz i did see you said it was weighted for hdt)

*last question: will it be compatible with masculine khajiit body textures?? cuz my character is a dagi-raht (really an ohmes raht) using the dagi face textures and head + High poly mesh male body for SOS + masculine khajiit body textures that i’ve slightly modified to better work with it.

I guess what im asking is.. are the texture maps similar to the ones that work with the regular high poly male body from:

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