Nisa’s Wicked Perversions

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I’m glad you are enjoying the mod, I do wish to make more aspirations and traits such as a pheromonal bee trait geared towards males that’s centered around collecting pheromonal flowers and cumming honey, but as I’m only a single person, I can only work on things one at a time. Things coming up in the near future include expansions to the prostitution system, second part of caged birds, a satyr occult state, starting work on a succubus occult state, and finding some time to create a darker sex addiction system. I feel there is a lack of perversions in the sims 4 modding community so there is a lot that I feels needs to be done.

I’m glad you are enjoying it Vanecessary 🤗!
When I started on this over a year ago, it was originally meant to be a 2-3 day personal project because I too was bored with the lack of perverted content out there for the sims. It wasn’t until the mod’s scope expanded about a month later that I realized a few others may be interested in the mod too. The response I have gotten from everyone has been simply a-mazin and out-of-this-world!

It’s on the list of todo’s as a ‘venom addiction’ system, also to add a way for these sims to steal pink and inject it into other sims.

You can use the console command ‘nisa.unslave’ while the slave is your active sim.

Nope, but as long as you don’t interact with the other features, then it won’t really effect your game. Except for the possible bleeding when losing vaginal virginity but you should be able to disable that in the settings.

Let me know if you have any further questions!

I see nothing there that points it to being my mod. What makes you think it’s my mod’s doing other than some rando on MCC saying so (they like to falsely blame my mod for a lot of things 😭 )

Hey Guys,
Just wanted to let you know that creating translations and releasing it yourself is fine, you only need to create string table overrides but if you wish to redistribute ONLY the package files of my mod then that’s fine too.
Please do NOT redistribute my .ts4scripts files.
I will also be making a translator server for you guys on my discord shortly and I’ll announce it here when it’s ready and how to join to make it easier to find support.

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