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Hey Nisa, I have a very weird, specific request; is there any way you could either add the ability to adjust the length of time that the negative buff from the milky-way condoms lasts, or alternatively, how could I do that myself? I deleted that portion of the package altogether in sims 4 studio which allowed me to kind of do what I wanted, but it gave me LEs every time telling me the mod was broken lol. Basically, whenever my sims have dolls I feed them a *ahem* cum-exclusive diet, but it gets expensive to buy it on the computer (but tbh it’s mostly just annoying because you have to navigate so many menus to order it, so if you’re trying to buy a ton all at once it’s a real pain, and considering I like to keep multiple dolls in the house, I have to buy a l o t). I just can’t figure out which part of the xml is controlling that because I’m still kinda mod-dumb and figuring things out. I understand that this is probably just a me-problem, so adding in that functionality to the mod might not really be practical, and I get if you don’t want to explain it, but thought it was worth a shot lol

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