Nisa’s Wicked Perversions

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I had problem on this too. The WickedWhims mod and the BasementalDrugs mod works fine, but I’m having some issues that I could’t solve with your mod. This one, deflowering the sim, is finally solved, but I’m still having problems about prostitution and to register debts. My sim register herself as rose, but never receive any client calls, she had to pay $15k to unregister without get any work. I registered her again… but she still not getting calls. I’m missing something or what? About the debts… I choose her owner, but nothing happens. I supose it should appear a text box to insert the amount of her debt, but I only can choose the owner, after that the computer interaction finishes.

My english isn’t that good, but I hope it’s legible enough for you guys at least.

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