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All of your quotes are exactly right, atleast when i checked them. Bevis mod list is somewhat essential for making this decade and half game to look less dated.

Cant help you with bodies, i use ZKEC E and i make my own stuff to it. Most outfits i released had something gone wrong with blender export or i just didn’t like ’em anymore.

ENB is tricky because finding one you like is hard. I made my own by heavily editng ATEnb with other files but its made for virtual photography over gameplay.

Summer ENB looks nice (and it was white fog on my end) there is also something called cyrodiil enb and so on and so forth. If it kills your fps then just delete d3d9.dll where oblivion.exe is. If nothing else, Oblivion Reloaded has color options and if most settings are set to 0, it shouldn’t affect performance that much.

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