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First, sorry for my poor english. I hope you can understand what I’m saying….

Thnaks to Musje for making this great mod.

But I have a bug about slave auction in major city.

I tested auction system in Whiterun and Solitude. Both auction started successfully, but it didn’t progress anymore. Neither Whiterun and Solitude.

In more detail, after Auction Master said auction start soon, many npc came to auction place. But that’s all. Nothing progress.

Auction Master didn’t say anything after auction strated, npcs were just standing there place, slaves in the cage were just walk around in the middle of the cage.

Oh, and there is no XCross in auction place. I knew one XCross should appear in the auction place when the Auction Master appeared, but it won’t.

I reset and restarted the auction in AYGAS MCM, but this problem couldn’t fix.

How can I fix this problem?

If you need more information for solving problem, please tell me. I provide more information about my skyrim as fast as I can. Thank you.

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