Passion [Requires patch level 1.63+]

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Outfit Changer has the following outfit options

10. Special
9. MartialArts
8. Nude
7. Outerwear
6. Career
5. Swimwear
4. Athletic
3. Sleppwear
2. Formalwear
1. EveryDay

and from the latest versions 11. Remove vampire pale skin, and add/remove female public hair.

There is no where strip. Is it possible that you remember Special as Strip?

I use Debug Enabler to reset any object that is stacked and believe me that the game does that a lot and not only fort passion.

A sim that sleeps on a bed and woke up, for some reason occupies the bed and no other sim can sleep on it when it’s empty.

I’ve seen this many times. A Debug Enabler reset fix that.

The Passion reset is when an animation happens away from the object is supposed to play.

I remember that you mentioned something about the sybian saddle.

This object can be in sims inventory. If you pull it out and place it somewhere, first do a passion reset me and then order a sim to use it, in case you had use it before and the game cached the slot (the place on the floor that you put it) and adds the animation player there.

The horny moodlets last for 3 days and then they get lower. They suppose to show the libido of a sim. The higher it is the higher the libido.

There is a high horny libido and a low one.

This mod controls anything about pregnancy on any sim in Town. You can select the parents no matter if they are both with the same gender.

You can start labor imidietely or stop pregnancy, choose the sex and the number of the children.

I use it to NPCs to create sims with specific characteristics of my own instead those ugly sims the game creates.

You can tell and I agree, that MC does the same with play with genetics but it does not work on sims below Young adult.

This flag works only for one animation.

If you set it on or off, in the next animation passion will look if the nude outfit with female penis exists and if it’s found it will raise this flag for that sim again.

It ignores the penis accessory and the default replacement.

When you first start with passion and you don’t know what to do, I suggested to do a Passion system reset.

This will add 25% autonomy, any position category, 1 min randomization on both positions an sequences, strap on, passion broad caster this is responsible for getting other sims sex mood when sims passion.

The default settings will give the idea how passion works.

In the first 3 posts I explain some things about passion but people use to post their own questions, even if the answer is written somewhere.

I don’t mind with that, because I did it my self some times.

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