Passion [Requires patch level 1.63+]

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I’ll let you know now only have one penis map installed you have two your sims could end up with 2 dicks use map 2 and get rid of map 1. Map 1 has a bug that Cmar was never able to fix it’s not game breaking but your sims dick will be the same color as their shoes.

The CmarNYC Penis package is a merged package it contains the morphing nipples, the morphing penis, some XCAS files like the tattoo locations….etc. You had all the same files in your original mods folder just an individual packages. Also if you use the CmarNYC Penis package only use one not both take out either the one with X2 Sliders or the normal one.

I’ve never even installed the Sybian Saddle. With the Sybian Saddle now being Giftable I’m wondering if the game is doing something retarded liked trying to stick in the inventory of every sim in town multiple times or maybe the animation does like the new version of it.

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