Passion [Requires patch level 1.63+]

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hey, JMFan,

back in the old days, there were some threads at MTS about extracting an ingame animation. i believe it was Wes (something) who developed an app that would convert an animation into an Hex file (or perhaps text file — i don’t remember) MilkShape could read and edit.

it is, Lynn. i also remember from MTS a Pure Script Mod developed by Icarus that can assign an object script to a different object.
just speculating now: if you assign a script from a carpet into a bed, perhaps Passion will understand the latter as a carpet, then allot the carpet/floor animations to it. yet i believe a lot of clipping will occur (the sims will probably sink into the mattress), but it’s worth a try. ⏱️

okay, i think i found Icarus Mod and Wes’ app.
for the Transmogrifier, please check this download from MTS.

for the Animesh Exporter, the download is here.
hope this helps.


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