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The mod itself is good so far just the diapers seem to be fked up.

1st. When creating the diapers via bodyslide (cbbe) it also creates a body on that diaper, but this body that gets created is not the correct bodytype (Bodytextures dont fit) and is always the same shape. (0 and 1 are the same just the Diaper changes shape).

2nd. When equiping a diaper it fks up my ingame body (i can assume its because of that body that gets created with that diaper see 1). While naked my body texture dosent fit anymore even when i unequip them and reequip my armor. My textures are fked.

3rd. It would be nice if i could hide the diaper that I equiped under my armor. If you get a forced diaper as a punishment, beeing naked except the diaper seems a solid punishment but if I equip one by myself i would love to hide it under my armor. Like uneqip armor and i can see it, and reequip armor its hidden.

If this could be done this mod is going to be a solid 10/10 imo.

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