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That “some people seem to be sensitive to it” are people with a bad game configuration.

The “script-heavy” or “script-intensive” not exist.

The only real diference is how many external calls make the script and that diference is visible in a very clear way in my ScriptTest and i make it exactly for that. With ScriptTest you can run 3200 events of type 1 = cell scan whitout any problem. Run 3200 simultaneous scripts making cell scan, all at the same time, is not a problem for the game. But if you try run 3200 events in type 2 = mathematical is practically imposible.

The only diference is what make the script and how many external calls have. If the script not have external calls can not be suspended and can consume a lot of resources from the Script Engine. But normally, the mods are not made in that way. The script, normally, need data from CK o from others scripts and are constanly suspended and resumed. The script, normally, are made like my type 1 = cell scan.

If the game can run 3200 simultaneous cell scan… where is the problem???

Do you think a mod can have 3200 active scripts running all of them at the same time???

If you see that in a normal mod is because that mod have a problem because, of course, that is not normal.

The real limits of the game are too far and a lot of times we are limited by the capacity of the machine.

The game, really, not have any specific limit except 255 plugings. The rest of the limits are false or machine dependant.

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