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Something a bit out of the ordinary compared to what I usually post. I ended up repurposing a WIP stage of the sim I last put togehter (Priya from the scene I posted on last page, who’s heavily edited compared to how she started out, a reason for that heavy editing was because I thought she looked a bit too similar to Linnie) into being the sister of Linnie, an existing sim of mine. And from there I thought I might as well put together an entire family for her as I hadn’t done that, despite her being one of my oldest sims.

So, in addition to Linnie’s sister, Cara, there’s Cara’s own son, Darren, their brother David, and Andrej and Miranda, their parents. I think they all turned out mostly alright. The genetics function isn’t like 100% great, but with patience and picking something that comes out as a base and editing it somewhat to get what you want you can get pretty good results. Made the parents by essentially making “temporary grandparents” for each of the sisters and making the parents off them, it often works well enough, to get someone who can have kind of a resemblance to two sims you made separately.

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