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Looking at the little disagreement everyone is having. I can certainly understand all sides here. On the one hand, you’ve got strong advocates for the project and want the project to be supported now, on the other, you’ve got people who are cautious or waiting until they can do something with it first. Both are completely within their rights, and I don’t see either side as more right than the other. I certainly see the potential in this, and I think it deserves support if Redfaction can deliver, he’s showing us the work he’s done to prove that it’s not just all empty words, it would be different if it was just all text and no previews of it actually working in game, so some of the more extreme examples of people saying “I may as well start a thread and get gullible people to pay me and I’ll promise them a sex mod” don’t really make sense.
I can see why people are holding off and/or being skeptical. Supporting and investing in something is a risk, no matter what, you’re giving money to someone and in return, all you get is maybe a thank you and the hope that it’s successful. They don’t know the person personally, they’ve got no impression on if they will keep their word, and their impressions of investing in something might be negative, I mean have a look at kickstarter and look at all the games that have been kickstarted and either failed, or the developers betrayed their backers.
At the end of the day, either you are going to support it or not, you either are absolutely in favour of supporting the project because you trust the person will deliver eventually on their promises, or you are holding off until you can experience an alpha version for yourself, or… you just don’t like the idea of investing your own money in something for whatever reason either distrust of the person, impressions of kickstarter and other similar ventures, or it’s general disagreement in supporting mod creators with money altogether. Whatever the reason, it’s gonna be very hard to change someone’s view in a post on a thread on an adult game mod forum.
I myself fall midway between believing in the creator will deliver and liking what I see and holding off until I can test an alpha for myself. And that just means I’m not going to pledge a heap of money, but I’ll give you enough for the coffee to keep you awake.

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