Resident Evil 2 Remake Nude Claire (Request)

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So what I did is copy my backup again, didn’t delete the natives folder this time, deleted the bin folder, and I’ve noticed the first DLC folder was 0kb so I restored that with the original file too, re-read game archives again and am exactly at that point again – no mods installed whatsoever, but classic Claire is Regina from Dino Crisis and Elza Walker is completely nude, which I *never ever* had installed on Elza Walker slot haha.

But it doesn’t seem to crash and every other outfit (the defaults) work, so now I just have to delete the natives folder *again* re-read game archives and I should be good to go – I’ll know if it restores the original Elza Walker costume, because that’s how it worked last time…

This sure is a mess!!! 😁

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