Resident Evil 2 Remake Nude Claire (Request)

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Not seeing the bounce in this one. You probably have the bounce mod pre-installed by another supplier? Because when you extract the ClaireCDECupBounceMods.rar it becomes ClaireNormalCcup.rar, ClaireNormalDcup.rar, ClaireNormalEcup.rar. Upon loading it with the Fluffy Manager, the breasts don’t bounce and stays in place. I tried the E cup first. The E cup looks quite bad, due to deformities in the upper collar bone region with polygon sticking out. I take it the Normal is referring to the hair, but still no bounces to the boobs.

Edit: It looks like E doesn’t have the bounce or I’m doing something wrong. I just tried D and there is bounce. Also, it seem the bounce animation is locked to 30fps, that’s why it’s getting that ghosting effect. If you set your refresh rate to 30, it gives you the smooth natural bounce, but choppy 30fps = -So if you can find out what’s controlling the bounce frame rate animation and change it to 60 or unlimited, it’ll fix that ghosting physic effect. Someone mentioned Zombies animation are like this as well due to Level of Detail controlling their animation quality. If the zombie is far away, they only move at 30fps, instead of the full unrestricted fps. However, fixing that involves hexing the .exe

Don’t worry, you’re not missing much. Still same bugs in Sky Blacksmith’s Ada versions. Where during cutscenes, Ada’s face is mess up. The texture work on the special agent outfit is also very low resolution, so it looks kinda out of place within the game’s higher resolution texture environments. But, I suppose, if you’re playing at lower graphic settings, it would match I guess. There is suppose to be a higher version of Sky Blacksmith’s Ada version that have her face static during cutscenes.

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