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The human body is nothing more than a machine by another name. Our actions are controlled by electrical impulses, our emotions changed by chemical changes and imbalances. Our blood nothing more than a mixture of fluids that cells are suspended in to transport nutrients and oxygen. Through the use of muscle skin grafting we were able to give a prosthetic arm to simulate the sensation of feeling (though it’s quite simple for now) while at the same time the person is able to control it with the same precision and efficiency as a normal hand. We just touched the tip of the iceberg of what we can do with cybernetic enhancements. So far we have came up with a means that could help cure blindness though it is currently rudimentary at best.

So is it possible to replace blood with coolant just not with today’s technology. If you look at Metal Gear Solid Raiden has artificial blood which basically functions as a coolant. Blood itself can be used as a coolant and our bodies use blood as a coolant (part of a process known as thermoregulation).

Fallouts robobrains brains are suspended in nutrient fluid so they need no food and they run off of a nuclear battery. I commend your efforts though.

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