RimJobWorld [1.0] v1.9.5b

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I haven’t played Rimworld since .18 but am looking to get back into it. I’m really glad to see this mod still being worked on, but I had some zoophilia questions I don’t think I’ve seen answered yet.

1. Can male colonists still be raped by female animals? If this occurs but is uncommon, how can I make it more common?

2. If rape is disabled, is it still possible for zoophilic acts to occur?

3. I read earlier that animals can’t initiate sex with a colonist, only colonists can invite them to their bed. Is this for programming reasons?

4. If human-animal impregnation is enabled and the non-human parent is not an insect or mech, will the children be born loyal to the colony or hostile?

Thank you for reading this

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