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So this mod has started throwing errors when Rimworld is trying to spawn raids and some traders. I’ve been using debug mode to try spawning raids and traders to find out why but I don’t know how to read Rimworld errors or how to fix them.

Instantly after I press the amount of points to spawn a raid with it puts out errors. No matter what storyteller or difficulty I use.

First it puts this in one line and its yellow:

The name always changes (Lance or Cody, Buster or Paul, etc.) but the rest is always the same from what I can tell.

Then the next two lines are this and its red:

Then this directly under the other two line error, also red and also using two lines:

Sometimes this error shows up too, but I don’t know what it means either, it’s red though:

It says “Sometimes Raids Go Wrong” in the middle there (which is a mod I had installed) but it was still putting out this error even when I didn’t have it enabled or installed. It’s just missing that part of the error when its not there obviously.

It does all of these errors about 50% of the time regardless of the points I use to spawn the raids, whether its 20 points or 5000 points. It is definitely RJW as when I disabled it and then did the same thing I could spawn in consistent 20-5000 point raids (until my game almost froze from lag) with no errors.

I still get these same errors even if it is just RJW and Hugslibs enabled.

I don’t know what it means or how to fix it but this is what it’s been doing for the last while for me. I thought it’s a bug or some other problem.

The picture (wherever it is) is after I have spawned in a bunch of random point raids and some spawned but others just went to the log again.

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