Save files cannot be read for cleaning (& load order check)

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Thank you for the response!

I checked my save file with ESS editor and it shows that the form ID array count is 86832. Is this the sting count? If so, then I am wayy over the limit.

I have crash fixes, as well as the particular fix, but the way I understand it, crash fixes makes the save playable but doesn’t do anything to allow it to be read by save cleaning programs since it changes the save file format. Is that correct?

I am hesitant to uninstall the script heavy mods mid playthrough so I guess the best way to solve this is to make sure the next time I start a save, I check the script count?

Or is there a way to lower the string count mid playthrough safely?

Update : nvm, resaver is showing a string count of 66700. So I am over the limit. The file size is also 23.8MB but I probably only have around a hundred hours in the game. Is this a bloat or is that a normal save file size for a save played for that long?

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