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I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do something like that. Mostly because of the huge amount of work to set up all the Knox modern location. (It would have been a dystopian semi futoristic story with Nora starting out as part of the “regim” as a ‘Peacekeeper’ (see screenshots).)

I had something like a concept for this. If there was a huge push from the readers I would have seriously considered it, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

I love the outfit, in case you don’t know it’s based on Lady Maria from Bloodborne who is (ash) blond in the game. It has become my go to outfit for non armor events for Nora. You already see it briefly in Chapter 6 Section 8 when Jonas picks her up (parts of that entry were done very recently).

As you said, it’s very classy, feels very vampiric but is also very lore friendly (at least in terms of TES vampire lore, not necessary fus ro dah Skyrim).

I think that poll result of that question would have been differently in earlier chapters, where a lot of people commented and signalized that they had a hard time sympathizing with her. She’s not meant to be super nice or so, but once you accepted her perspective and values she’s at least decent and reasonable.

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