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I know for one more: TrX Armor Replacer.

You need 4 files:

1st>> TrX Replacer Vanilla v1.3!BFRWnbZA!ln4ynQdtjmaG_tEWEnK6N6imLT2GzoAoh_cxWcOCvOw thanks to Varithina

2nd>>TrX Armor Replacer DLCs v1.2!BFRWnbZA!ln4ynQdtjmaG_tEWEnK6N6imLT2GzoAoh_cxWcOCvOw thanks to Varithina

3rd>>TrX Sloot Armor UUNP V3 – Update Fix 1 2 3 included (file name)

4th>>TrX Edited Armors 1 – Optional (file name)

If you want CBBE with bodyslide you need 1st and 2nd file only.

If you want UUNP with bodyslide you need 1st, 2nd and 3rd file (the 4th is optional)

and very important is what Arthacs wrote about his UUNP mod instalation: “How to install:
When Installing TrX Sloot Armors Original do not install the “CalienteTools” folder to avoid all the CBBE sliders you don’t need.
Simply Install after TrX Sloot Armors, the sliders should be marked UUNP in BS2.
Then build them in BS2, it will take a few minutes to complete because of size and amount of armors unless you got a NASA computer.”

on his mod TrX Sloot Armor BS2 UUNP plus lvld list. 1.4, you can download 3rd and or 4th file:

Skyrim LE for ever!

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