Sex Attributes – Framework (10/9/2018)

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I’ve encountered a strange bug. At least I think it is a bug. For a while now, I’ve had this, Sexual Harassment, and all my other AAF mods working fairly well. I started out a dominant female character and was attempting to slowly turn her into a submissive person before working her back up. I had gotten my sub/dom score to about 12 earlier today. Only after a several hours of playing did I realize my sub/dom score was now at 50 for some reason. Which is strange because I’ve been choosing only submissive responses when the sexual harassment mod fired, which is sometimes often because it tends to activate while ignoring my cool down timer on occasion. So I decided to go back through my saves and I’ve discovered that my sub-dom score was steadily rising while I was playing normally. Stranger still, it was rising during stretches of time that I am 100% positive that I had no sex of any kind. For example, I went through Andrew Station and was clearing it of bandits, per the quest I had in my log. At the entrance I had a sun/dom score of 23. A the end, I had a score of 36 despite no sexual encounters. How is that possible? I don’t remember doing anything different during that time that I wasn’t doing up to that point except that I installed the unlimited companion framework mod earlier today and was traveling with both Valentine and Piper.

Does any one have an explanation for this? Is there a way I can use the console to change my score back down to 12 or something? Without knowing what is causing this, I’m afraid that my sub/dom score will stay maxed out which is no fun.

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