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I took the liberty to edit this mod and get it working on my end, albeit just overwrite and basic stuff. I removed certain files like the penis and vagina traits because I don’t know how the original author wants to implement those and neither do I, so I had that cut. Also unlike the original author’s idea of having 5 different flavors to choose from, that of the loving wife, loving consort, wife, consort, and lover, I only chose to make 3 work i.e. wife, consort, and lover. The pregnancy was tweaked a little but not too drastic. And last, I added a bit of graphics to the mod.

I can post my edit of the mod if I can get the permission, or someone can guide me through getting that approved, unless original author is no longer working on this. And maybe, just maybe, I might continue expanding on this but in the meantime, I’ve got the very basic idea of the mod working.

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