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I posted this long rambling idea for enhancing “menial jobs” on the PoP forum.

Anyway, most of it is about how to use existing mods to enhance the value of menial jobs.

This raised a few ideas for changes in existing mods that would promote this. SL Adventures was central to much of it.

SL Adventures could have a “always send to PoP” setting for crimes, so you don’t have to set absurd bounties – though maybe absurd bounties are mostly OK.

SL Adventures could class wearing armor as a crime (for females only, of course).

SL Adventures could have a “beggars exempt” flag for characters in beggar outfits.

SL Adventures could add “sleeping” and “lollygagging” as specific crimes (lollygagging => waiting, in this case, sleeping is self evident).

SL Adventures could optionally specifically handle woodcutter axe as allowed, if you set any weapon in inventory is a crime.

There are a few places a PC can sleep “rough” in some towns – Riverwood for example, and it would actually be a neat little mod to add a few more.

Such locations would carry attendant risk. They percentage chance of arrest should be handled specially, probably based on how many hours you sleep or wait.

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