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Welcome. I downloaded one of the last (fixed) version of SexLab Defeat and a lot of problems are already solved. But I met something that saddened me. Well, some animations that worked on the previous version now do not appear at all (Defeat does not call them in certain situations). Specifically, it is about animations for a man’s rape by a woman, eg “FunnyBiznes Amazon Fuck” animation. In the settings I gave 100% cowgirl, and as a tag I gave FemDom. Animation should be played, other animations with this tag work well! – eg “FunnyBusiness Amazonian Blowjob”. Even “FunnyBiznes Bound FemDom Doggy” works. But in general, about 10 FemDom animations work only 4. I think the problem is that this new version does not have the “woman first” selection, so the actors may go to the wrong slots. This is just my theory. I really do not understand it. There are simply two different animations with the same “FemDom” tag and one works and the other does not. Can anyone have a solution?

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