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Very nice, would love to see a BakaFactory version for the old Defeat struggle animation. Would tie in well with load orders that already use your Horrible Harassment version.

I’m sure experiences may vary, but for me Defeat 5.3.5 has been rock-solid for years for what I use it for. No other combat defeat mod has gotten close to it IMO in terms of usability, features and honestly (in my personal experience) stability and resilience to the goofy stuff modded Skyrim can throw at it, and it still gracefully cleans itself up when something does cause a problem.

I think what impressed me most about it more recently, was it’s ability to absorb all the crazy advances in animations for creatures and the detection of new tags. I would never have expected a mod of its age to be able to accept dwemer automatons, werewolf gangbangs and F/F/C animations as viable combinations, and successfully build scenes using them.

While I would love to see the mod get new versions, thanks for all your work to make it what it is already. Lots of people still use it and IMO it has yet to be surpassed, and that is an impressive feat.

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