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Body weight is a completely vanilla Bethesda stat. You can set it on character creation in a range from 0 to 100.

It roughly represents how chunky your character is. High body weight characters would be … heavier.

It is not a derived stat. It is its own stat, and is the only way that Bethesda provided to change body shape in vanilla Skyrim, that I can think of.

It determines scaling between the two vanilla body shapes defined by the _0 and _1 meshes for each body.

As one of those is usually set to look fat, changing weight can change the entire look of your body.

Of course, in BodySlide you can make it so the _1 body shape is identical to the _0, or has gigantic breasts but otherwise the same, or whatever you like really.

You could even make it work in reverse.

It is changed dynamically by several mods. Needs mods often alter it. Some pregnancy mods alter it. SexLab RND alters it. Hormones alters it. I think SexLab Survival alters it. Devious Body Alteration alters it. Diet Based Butt alters it. I think there are probably various mods, and add-ons for needs mods that alter it.

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