SexLab Framework SE 1.63 – BETA 5 – December 14, 2018

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I don’t think there will be a way to solve the player involvement for quite some time yet.

The ideal solution that people are imagining would require some sort of body tracking and an advanced VR body mod. This is becoming somewhat technically possible – PapyrusVR (or SkyrimVR Tools ) are getting more advanced and people can buy a Vive tracker if they want to. But things like the IK would be a nightmare to implement.

A first person mod that attaches the camera to the POV of one of the actors in a scene will be impossible to tolerate for large percentage of the users. If somebody wants to test this – play pancake Skyrim with such mod installed with VorpX to see hat happens when you lose control of the camera and the animation starts yanking your head around.

I guess a solution will be to spawn a (headless) clone for the player character and move the camera at where the head is suposed to be (so it is something like POV porn) but in a roomscale game this will not work in acceptable way.

My prefered solution for the moment is to use a follower instead of the player or to have the NPC masturbate instead.

All that said, if it is only the player involvement that is the problem with the test build, it would be OK to simply switch scenes with the player to NPC masturbation and release it as an alpha. This will allow all of us to enjoy the benefits of the full SL while waiting for future developments.

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