SexLab Hormones (2018-12-20)

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First off, I just want to say that I appreciate all the effort that you put into your mods, and that they clearly show you have a lot of ambitious ideas for them. I know that creating content for mods doesn’t pay anything, so thanks for putting out this free content.

Now, as somebody who uses this particular mod exclusively for the bimbo content, I’d like to make a few suggestions, keeping in mind that these are just my opinions.

Increase the number of ways players can contract the bimbo curse. There are tomes that teach a spell to inflict the curse, so why not have a few wandering mages intentionally trying to turn people into bimbos? Maybe some cursed tomes lying around mage hideouts? It would add a welcome element of randomness, because as others have mentioned, turning your character into a bimbo is all too often a choice on the player’s part, rather than something that’s being inflicted.

Add a stacking debuff to bimbo skills. When my characters get turned into bimbos, I like to imagine that it’s a gradual transformation, with them barely noticing the changes the first day, gradually progressing to them being completely helpless by the fifth day. If a player’s combat skills were increasingly diminished each day, it would also increase the tension of finding a cure, as they’ve yet to be inflicted with the worst parts of the curse.

Reduce combat skill experience gains to 0%. Once a character has been fully transformed, they shouldn’t even have the option of training up their combat skills anymore, instead being forced to rely on followers for any sort of combat.

Revamp the “beg for sex” system so that NPCs are more willing to take advantage of our bimbofied character, and perhaps add lines that have the character begging to be tied up or enslaved as well (perhaps with optional integration with Devious Devices and various slavery mods?)

Anyway, those are just a few suggestions. Looking forward to seeing the next update.

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