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I’m using SHEE and SAR at the same time.

1. Sorry for last report, I thought tick in MCM is strip, I should untick them. This function work right. But I still hope it can strip by sexlab or SHHE untick setting when enter rape phase.

2. Once, when I draw a bow out then shot at an enemy, follower starting to harass…. it’s not end well….. after I load save and wait follower start his move, bandits come and start combat, but follower still want harass more than combat…..:( at the end, I can only just ran far away wait follower start fighting then ran back join the fight. Hopefully there will have some function to stop harass when weapon draw.

3. This only happen once, I set cool down time to 4 hours, but it happen just within one min.

4. There’s only one option when someone ask PC to apologize, Hopefully there will different option, maybe some interesting things can happen once PC apologize, like ask her took off her clothes and apologize again, then maybe still rape her or forgive her…..

5. When I play a while with tick “Scale Setting”, many NPCs been shrink down, even those NPCs never have sex with PC. You can see Erik the Slayer short a lot form second image.

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