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On the topic of making SLS give back a little of what it takes away …

How about:

a) ways to get out of devices once you’ve left down that don’t depend on DCL keys.

b) ways to actually make more than pocket change via Skooma Whoring…

I spent a lot of time trying to solve (b) properly, but I’m not sure I’ll ever finish that mod. I think it had some technical flaws in how I implemented whore dialog vs pimps vs dealers that make it very hard to maintain, and I never did get around to making new mesh artwork for all the drugs. Also, only made one skooma den, and that’s not finished. The issue of putting them into cities without breaking four billion stupid city mods made me twitchy.

However, a patch to SW that:

makes whoring more rewarding in cash terms

makes whoring more interesting (some new dialogs, device integration, and possible bad patrons that kidnap you or whatever)

makes whoring more accessible – currently takes half an hour just to get to most of the SW dens

Sounds like a Monoman kind of patch

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