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Previous versions used a crosshair-pointing method to ID the Captive, so sometimes you could enter conversation with an Actor in the foreground, but be looking at them at an angle and the crosshair-point would grab an Actor from the background. It was very processor busy because it ran a series of checks every time the crosshair pointed to something new. I deleted it in favor of an entering script at the beginning of each major Captive dialogue branch, and it should work flawlessly as long as the old script is purged from the savegame.

From the Changelog: “Deleted Event OnCrosshairRefChange(ObjectReference RealRef) procedure in Player script (efficiency to reduce lag) that formerly changed restraints”

The real reason I invented that thing was for a completely different purpose: to check if a Captive was dead and change the restraints to dun. As long as I had it doing that series of checks, I added the name recognition part to it but I’ve now found a better way for both.

No, I have no interest in doing so and all 7 dialogue trees would have to be massively reworked. (They’re huge.)


Yes, by design, but it’s not distance, it’s detection. I didn’t want bandits “trapped” in a SexLab scene while the Player walks up and bashes them. They’ll keep going as long as you remain undetected. I also didn’t like them instantly redressing. If you get away from the naked bandit attack, they’ll end up redressing, though sometimes with a new random leveled armor. Now that I know more I’d like to have them store and retrieve their outfit.

No change with that yet. It’s on the “later development” schedule.

I have used an older version of BBLS that had predefined outfits; I haven’t seen the new method you describe. I like the idea of the .json file and being able to name it. I’ll have to take a look at how it was done if the source code was provided.

I didn’t have user recall in mind; I was mostly just trying to keep NPCs wearing what they were wearing. No reason it couldn’t be adapted though.

I ended up reordering them so that the Body item comes first (most likely to be filled) for efficiency because I have a procedure that looks for the first “empty” Outfit in the FormList, and when checking each slot for an armor item it stops and moves on to the next Outfit when it finds something rather than going to the end of the list. I wonder if I could just “tag” the Outfit somehow as either Filled or Empty by putting something unwearable in an additional LeveledItem Slot that would be used for nothing but that. If I did that I wouldn’t have to search the whole list and could add all of the Slot Mask items.

Of course doing it via .json would be a completely different approach.

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