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Just how are the tattoos supposed to be distributed, anyway? Are they supposed to be randomized in some way, or should the same characters have the same tats every time, and if the latter how many of them should there be? I ask because in my last game, out of the 50-odd captives I came across I don’t think any of them had the tattoos applied despite my having the required tattoo pack. I recently started up a new character using the newest version of SBC with the patches from up-thread, and finally found a tattoo on Erina, the Dibellan priestess captive, who most definitely didn’t have one when I encountered her on that previous playthrough some six months ago.

But that’s still the only one I’ve seen out of the dozen or so captives I’ve run into so far in this game.

Speaking of this new game, I ran into the missing note issue with it. In my previous game I used LAL to drop me right into Northwatch Prison and had no problem finding the note there. I started this new one using LAL and the ‘dwemer sexbot’ CCAS scenario, but when I worked my way over to Belethor’s shop to start SBC up the note was nowhere to be found. Fortunately it turns out that reading it via AddItemMenu will start the mod just fine, so I didn’t have to go digging for work-arounds.

Playing around with the new version, the ‘decoration’ mode is a very welcome addition. It’s nice to be able to give the captives something to do besides hang around while the player’s off adventuring. However, is there any way to exclude PAHE slaves in general or tied-up PAHE slaves in particular from the ‘client’ pool? I’ve found that if you happen to have some left tied up in the same cell as the captive, the decoration mode will hook into them and yank them to the captive’s location despite their ‘tied’ status disabling normal travel packages, causing them to teleport over and giving them a lighting bug during the SexLab scene. And afterwards, since their movement is still disabled, they just end up hanging around in their tied poses next to the captive.

As far as captive activities go, do you have any interest in adding something like a ‘play amongst yourselves’ option for captive-on-captive scenes, along the lines of the one for the slaves managed by PAH – Home Sweet Home? I do like the captives being able to do things without my direct interaction, but I also don’t tend to load up that much on regular followers. Poor Lydia’s getting kind of overworked.

Also, do the revamped restraints still have the leg cuff slots blocked off? I tried putting the regular steel leg cuffs from DD onto Ari up there when I was re-dressing her, but they outright refused to show up.

Still having a lot of fun with this. One of these days I might even try out letting some of them go!


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