Sexy Bandit Captives

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Thank you for that! I had thought there was a previous report of multiples but couldn’t remember enough of who/when to find it.

I had a feeling (fear) this was going to be the case, and @Naps-On-Dirt’s report has galvanized my path. It seems that preventing the CW from doing whatever incomprehensible things it’s doing is a fool’s errand. Instead, I just need to hang a latent AI Package on Captives that reverses it if/when it occurs. Using your previously provided condition functions, plus maybe a “GetInCell == WhiterunPlainsDistrict03” should be the trigger. I’ll just need to develop the recording function for where to put them back to but I have a working model with the decoration bedrolls to use as a pattern.

One last ditch hope: I couldn’t find the four RefAliases you had mentioned. Which quest are they under? If there’s a specific set of criteria and/or keywords it’s looking for, maybe I can block it?

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