Sexy Bandit Captives

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I thought so. If your idea forge didn’t burn down with the rest of your computer I guess you can add that idea to it.

Putting aside Romulus and Remus being raised by wolves, I don’t know they’re smart enough on their own, but perhaps a single trainer NPC could be added in a cave to give a certain group of wolves reason to kidnap women. Think the guy in the cave under the Honningbrew Meadery but with wolves instead of skeevers. or not… since Billyy has a number of skeever anims.

Trolls for some reason strike me as being a bit more intelligent. I don’t know if its the upright, bipedal form, the Dawnguard use of them as trained assault troops (which would be possible if there merely dog smart) or just mental mythmaking (I want them smart so they are) but as they’re generally non communicative the Nords wouldn’t know they are smarter than giants (although animal husbandry is highly unlikely in actual animals, making the giants obviously more intelligent). The “human trainer” NPC idea could be reused, daedra can always be blamed (maybe some lesser daedra from Hircine’s realm or Sanguine’s?) or some Hist Tree that fell off the floating island like the Sleeping Tree did.

or I’m way off base since I think I’ve forgotten the referenced blog post.

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