[Sims3][WIP] KinkyWorld v0.37 [Updated: May 3rd 2019]

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Hello I have a question. So my sim’s kinky partner is a mermaid in sims 3. So far I have no problem with the mod regarding animations or bugs. Except that..whenever my sim’s partner transform into a mermaid or whoever that is within the household, transforms into a mermaid, will have their tails modified with either a scuba diving equipment or pants or shoes or …clothes. Then it would mess with the mermaid’s animations too and they stop swimming like a mermaid even though their modified tail is on. So I would use nrass to intermediate the mermaid lifestate all over again and it would be fine for that day. Till the next transformation where they would have swimming flippers or whatsoever on their tail,again. Now I have read somewhere within this post that somebody said it could be nraas master controller but…I have had master controller for quite a while without kinky mod and this have never happened. It was after downloading kinky. You see I didn’t want to actually post around here if somebody have had the solution somewhere. Tried checking the options within kinky too but I never figured out which one to disable so kinky would stop “dressing up” my mermaid’s tail. Either I didn’t find it or that its posted elsewhere. Please help me out xD

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