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So my SkyUI keeps telling me that it’s outdated or not installed.

I screwed up earlier and accidentally tried to use an oldrim skyUI for SE but I corrected that issue.

Additionally, when the UI is enabled it doesn’t actually display the UI and every time I open a menu it hits me with a bunch of errors.

I’m not sure what to do here…

Here is my mod list if it helps.

Abduction SSE

Alternate start SSE

Creature Schlongs SE

FNIS Behavior SE

FNIS Creature Pack

Feminine Argonian Textures

Femanine Khajiit Textures

Fuz Ro D’oh

Piercings for UNP SSE

RaceMenu SSE



SL MatchMaker Light SE

SL Pleasure SE

SOS Light SE

SL Solutions LE PrisionOverhaul

SL Solutions v5.0.7

SL Aroused SSE Loose

SL Framework SE v163 BETA5

SL Working Girl Optional Sound Files Version

SL Light SE 0 1 1

SL Defeat



XP32 Maximum Skeleton SE

ZAZ 7.0SE-Rev1

SkyUI 5 2 SE-12604-5-2SE

I’d also like to add that my animations are nearly impossible to trigger but do kinda work when they are triggered.

Defeat doesn’t seem to work at all.

Thanks for your help in advance everyone!

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