SL Kidnapped Redux

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You could “roleplay” a similar thing with a surface encounter mod. I recommend Enemy Encounter. Its pretty low on your game and it can be customized in Creation Kit (its quite easy, even for a noob. I can provide a guide that I got from the mod maker – I just changed all the encounters to the types I like).
Then you use the combat defeat mod of your liking.

For example ->
Enemy Encounter spawns enemies in your proximity that follow and attack you
Naked Dungeons Mod immortality function handles your rape

Naked Dungeon then sends you to simple Slavery
Simple Slavery sends you to SD+ or Dragonborn in Distress for example.
Simple Slavery Plus seems to be just totally broken. I never got the mod to work as intended. So I recommend using the classic version, but that one does not support all the new mods.
SD+ is lacking too and Dragonborn in Distress is very new and lacks a lot also…
Basically, even after so many years, there are very few mods that really do what they promise and what I do is basically try to sort them out and ignore the rest

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