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I’m trying to build a Cow-Girl sim (part cow part girl not a girl who herds cattle) and I’m having trouble finding CC to do just that. I did manage to find some cow print clothing as well as some cow horns but I can’t seem to find things like a cowbell collar or possibly a cattle tag earring. If you can find some of these things or if you happen to want to make some stuff for a Cow-Girl sim, I’d love to hear about it. I, of course, will post my final results if and when I can finish it. The main problems with searching for this stuff is that there are many similar terms that have many more results like the cow plant or Cowgirl referencing the other kind.

If you want to make your own Cow-Girl I’ll leave you the link to the file for the horns. They are not mine and are frankly way too hard to find without a direct link. The file in the collection you are looking for is “toskami don’t have a cow.”

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