SSE Conversion Tracking (Apr 5 #3215)

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1. Link in your PHP post leads here:

Note that there is only one link on the page that does not say “Join for $$$$$” and that link is explicitly to download some uploader, not to download the mod. There is no link whatsoever to download the mod, just the TEXT (not a link) that says “Download v2.2.4.”

2. Only link on above page leads here:

Note that the page header says “” Again, nothing whatsoever about any mod.

3. Translating the page in #2 above yields this:

Pressing “Allow” to let FF redirect results in nothing but the redirect warning disappearing. Again, please note that there is only one link on the page.

4. Pressing [Confirmation] on above page leads here:

Please note the url is, AGAIN nothing whatsoever about any mod. Also, there are NO LINKS on this page. It is a complete dead end. Rendering me completely unable to download a mod despite the glowing evidence of your screenshot, which no doubt accurately displays some other url than the one in the PHP announcement link earlier in this thread.

I’m thrilled that “that’s all you had to do” but the problem is I am never arriving at the page you posted, so it is impossible for me to do what you did. How would you feel about providing a different link, one that leads directly to the page in your screenshot?

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