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Released V3 but also added custom profile support. Create a new file in the same directory as the config file called “IFPVProfile.SL.config.txt” in there write:

Condition_Enabled = 1
Condition_Keyword = “SLKeywordIdontKnowWhatThisIs”
Priority = 2400

After that write any settings from the main config file you want. But only write settings you want to actually change or “dirty edit”.

When you find a configuration that works well share it with others.

My recommendation is to change stabilize ignore offsets to 0 or 5 or low value (default is 90) and use ignorerotation setting instead for example 10 value there or higher. This is better when the animation turns around the actors but keeps root node rotation same as before. If you use PositionFromHead or RotationFromHead to 1.0 the stabilize is not used at all.

PS: I didn’t test if any of this works.

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