[Starbound] Sexbound API

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I’ll try tossing in the requested stuff as well. Player Location: everywhere… multiple planets and even with my own offspring on board my ship. Gender: female. Species: Fenerox (I have the compatibility mod and the sexbound.config reflects that fenerox is supported), Human and Hylotl. Method of starting animations: both the aphrodites bow and using furniture. Partner gender and species: Always male… as for species, it’s happened with human, fenerox, Hylotl and apex and avian. hasn’t happened yet with glitch.

Most recent play session was today after trying the suggested change on pregnancy chance from 0.00 to 0 in the pregnant.config. My fenerox was impregnated by an Apex despite having species compatibility active, pregnancy chance at 0. animation activator was aphrodite’s bow.


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