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You seem to have some serious issues with us furries. Yet, how do you feel about an event where an alien zoo animal breaks out and molests a visitor. Along with other similar situations.

As for the involvement of “Furries” in this. There are no furries in MASSA. I was talking about working with Darkspleen to develop an optional module for those of us who ARE furries and would like to see Anthropomorphized images to go along with our definitely-not-human alien empires.
Oh and, the base game literally comes pre-loaded with a few dozen anthros already, and you likely play as them or with them on a regular basis assuming you actually play the game.

Seriously, doesn’t anyone here realize that you having sex with an alien like Rieker out of Star Trek- no matter how gorgeous or hunky they may be, is the exact same as you fucking an animal right? Its an entirely different species, infact, it i so separated from our own species that it makes sex with our fellow nun-human earth residents seem like incest by comparison. And yet you dare to shame us just for wanting to look at anthro pictures? Be that fur/scales/feathers/w.e. How do you not see the irony? Like, glass houses much?

Do we STILL have to deal with this bigoted bullshit yet again? Really?

This forum is literally for ALL of us.

That means your tastes as well as my tastes. And the already mentioned project i was making is most certainly -optional,- no one forces you to download or install it. It is only intended for people like myself.
As an aside on a friendlier note.

I feel this description does not do furries justice.
Furry is honestly just a fandom like any other, a furry is just a member of said fandom.

The furry fandom is much like the cartoon/superhero/fantasy/sci-fi fandoms it grew out from, in that it encompasses an enthusiastic interest in a particular ‘genre’ of works of art. This being works of art, be that literature, movies, drawings, paintings, you name it involving creatures with anthropomorphic features. Of all shapes and sizes and types. This being what is referred to as an Anthro (like bugs bunny), or in some cases, a Feral (like balto). In neither cases are they ‘dumb’ non-sapient animals that would qualify as ‘basically your cat’.

And it is a large and diverse fandom that centers heavily around conventions where art, opinions and thoughts are all shared and discussed, where fans can meet artists and artists can meet fans. Where fursuits ranging from adorable to awesome, are paraded and shown off to fellow enthusiasts and the world at large. Events ranging upwards of a week long where any city hosting it sees huge benefits in their economy, and where incredible amounts of money is raised for charity every time.

We also need to dispense with this notion that fursuits means anything dirty. Not only are they multi-thousand Dollar works of fine art, sometimes even including mechanisms for added effects while showing it off to fellow enthusiasts or parading it around in public. But the very notion of there being any dirty connotations to it goes right out the window when you realize that it would be like having sex while wearing your couch.
That is to say, you’d die in a minute if you tried it.

“What about the porn?” i hear someone inevitably thinking. Because as a greymuzzle, I’ve seen this story a thousand times.
I should not have to remind you that you need simply to look up ‘wonder woman porn’ to see that while the furry fandom does have a lot of porn due to the creative alignment of its members, there being porn involved in a fandom is nothing new and anything but exclusive to furries. And most importantly, did not start with the furry fandom. Lastly, the porn is only a fraction of the art produced, as in any fandom, and include the same general themes as those other fandoms, including sex with animals.

Like seriously, google ‘Wonder Woman Krypto porn.’

I hope this has been enlightening and helpful to you all. Especially you MagnaSonic.
Now, can we please grow up and see each other as fellow people of earth, or in this setting, space?
I hold literally no animocity towards anyone here, so i would hope that favor be repaid. Being a Xenophile is much more fun anyway. ;3

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