[Stellaris] Make Space Sexy Again

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There is a really big difference between sex with sapient creatures of human-like intellect and sex with non- or presapient animals.

The furry scene is not a sexual one. None of the porn involving people in (very simple I might ad) fursuits or nude fur-covered creatures contain furries. That is a misconception of enormous proportions.

Actual furries are as close to animals as possible. Most diehard furries at conventions don’t even talk and communicate by playing, growling, hissing and whathaveyou.

Animals usually don’t have sex for fun like humans do. Animals have sex to procreate. Exemptions exist but they are few and far between.

Anthromorphs are animals with human features and/or behavior. Like for instance working in an office, dancing on a stripper pole, talking/writing and of course sex.

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