The Ghost of Solitude: Part 12 (featuring Cassidey)

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Ok, I’m going to start in the middle before I forget again : I love your text-timed-with-action thing that Variah does. It has such a cool, comic book hero effect. Also this shot is just perfect for the ending sequence of her jumping movements (it also makes me want to go shoe-shopping, but that’s a different story 😅).

Variah’s background story seems to be very interesting. Will we learn more about her past and how she met her husband or will it always stay a mystery mixed with hints?

She seems extremely skillful and it feels like she’s pretty used to her ‘avenging hero’ role.

As for Cass, oh dear, sweet, adorably-airheaded Cass. ” We will admire these boats!” 😂 Even if she wasn’t being mind-controlled, I am sure she would still reply with something similar. But at the same time, the spell seems to be wearing off and I just cannot wait to find out what she and Variah have in store for Mendini.

Great and entertaining episode, as always. 🤗

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