The pedophilia “traps” and our final decision about future children

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Eva, you’re talking as if you knew the future. We’re around a month after childbirth, in the post partum period, which usually depresses the mother. It is understandable for you not to wish to go through that again right now, specially if there were health issues, but if I’m not wrong all of you are less than 30 years old. It is not written that nothing will happen to your child, to Prince or to you. And so going through the “one child is enough” and taking definitive birth-control measures could lead that child count to 0 in case of accident, and prevent the sterilized individual to rebuild his life in case of accident or separation. And being <30 years old, those things have happened to others ? Can you see the future ? Can you testify that in twenty years, nothing will have changed ?

Ok, then use birthcontrol.

If you are afraid of Prince getting an abnormal child, then why ask him to undergo a vasectomy ? His sperm will be frozen in case of remorse, so he can use medically assisted procreation. And it so happens that the risk of malformation is higher using those techniques than procreating naturally. So you’re exposing him more than you think.

Common contraception is not recommend right after baby delivery, before you get your first periods. Once enough time (≥6 weeks) has passed, you can use it normally again, just like most women do. Lightweight pills are usable right after you get your first periods (≥3 weeks)

Not to mention, if for whatever reason you wouldn’t want to mention here you just “had enough” doing like the others, and wouldn’t want to bother using mechanical contraception (condoms, diaphragms) you could still perfectly use intra uterine devices (woman coil), some of which do not contain any chemicals whatsoever.

So there are plenty of options. I understand you not wanting to undergo another pregnancy, but there are options so I can’t understand why you would present sterilisation as the sole choice when it’s not.

If half of what I’ve read here is true, then he is among the most honest, courageous and dedicated men in the world.

You’re right, men of that sort are too good for this world. Let’s castrate him. 🙄

I know your intentions aren’t consciously to prevent Prince of having more children with other women in the future, for you are not that kind of woman. But those would be the consequences ; and you tend to be the toy of your emotions (most recent example being that slap in front of Boss-father). Prince is as always willing to take every damage you may want to inflict him out of love for you, as it is in his nature to sacrifice himself. But this time, he will pay a price much higher than just a slap to his pride, and I can’t let him undergo that without a word DAMNED ! Specially when there are so many other ways…

Anyway, maybe I’m investing myself too much into this. As you said, this is time consuming, and maybe not my place. You three are adults just like me, maybe I should not concern myself about people who are as able to take decisions than I am. If some people want to learn things through living it by themselves, who am I to judge ?

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