The Selachii – Shark Race

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I was just futzing with the sliders, no racemenu sculpting. That tab scares me. And also may still currently be broken in SSE, as far as I know. Shorter snout, thinner jaw/cheeks, eyes set really close together and down on the face, that sort of thing. And yes, I did setav mood 4 for Sad because emotions. *cough*

I haven’t noticed any problems outside character creation, no. I could try re-doing all the head parts just to make sure I did it right, but at the moment the eyes seem to be anchored to the eyelids/sockets strangely. It’s especially obvious with minimum eye depth, the eyeballs will extrude forward out of their sockets instead of the sockets moving with them and it looks bad. Then there’s broken hair and potential crash issues with the HDT-enabled hair due to no HDT-PE. I didn’t want to attempt and decipher HDT-SMP, so I just went with CBPC. While that’s absolutely fantastic (compared to the old PE, at least; I’ve never seen SMP in action) for all the jiggly fleshy bits, it doesn’t touch clothes or hairs or any of that fun stuff. I fixed that myself by just copying and pasting matching non-HDT meshes from the Selachii folder (and the the original KS hairs, where necessary), though.

However, it’ll take me a little while before I report back on if my Selachii conversion was simply improper. I just found my first hagraven since installing YA5 and found her to be a half-complete (due to no Creature Features-compatible nude mesh) furry (feathery?) critter in the shape of a hagraven, so I figured I might as well finally go and properly install Bad Dog’s birds and your accompanying mod for proper hagraven ravenhags and, uh, that’s probably going to be a whole involved process. Yay?

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