The Slaver’s Spellbook

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As far as a quest goes, what I think most people would appreciate is just one overall quest, whereby the end of it, you have all the spells, even the master level epic meme spells. Of course, difficulty should reflect the power/usefulness of the spells, but I think one concise path to collecting them all should be implemented. You get the basic crappy spells at the beginning and easy part of the quest, and then the epic ones at the difficult end. Either you get them all at once, or you are given them one-by-one until you have them all and the quest completes. I think having a bunch of quests that aren’t exactly obvious to start would be tedious and it’s likely a lot of people would miss a few, and you’ll have to deal with a bunch of frustrated people in the support topic asking for walkthroughs. The most impressive and appreciated part of this mod is the spells, and I think keeping those in the spotlight should be the focus.

I think a light questline combined with actual magicka requirements would properly balance the spells, but it’s not exactly like PAHE is particularly balanced in the first place, with leashing collars and whatnot, so I think making them significantly harder to use than base PAHE would defeat the purpose.

Keeping the quest simple to focus on the actual spells is definitely the way to go, in my opinion. Ideally, I would say keep the book in the cave, but add magicka requirements to them. Remember that most of the time when we cast these spells it’s in our own player bases where we keep our slaves, which means if we use a lot of magicka for a spell, we’re just gonna sit there until it recharges (15-20 seconds) and we can use it again, which defeats the purpose of magicka requirement in the first place, which is to limit how many spells you can sling in combat. I think if they are to have requirements, it should be to actually stop you from casting them if you don’t have enough, they shouldn’t cost like 20 magicka or something, except for immersion purposes I guess.

These are just my thoughts, but whatever you decide to do is going to be great, it always is.

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