Time to save the world – Aria Lustfal Bal

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This was hilarious. Full joke from the beginning till the end. ^^

Well that’s exactly how I felt : to me it looked like Phoenix and Aria were doing some sort of daedric role-play, as the daedra looked and talked just like Phoenix, and Aria goofed around just like she does when she’s with her.
And then we see Phoenix reading, and so I do suppose it was in fact Phoenix re-reading something she had written, imagining herself as a daedra, with Aria. Hence Aria’s not really combat proof outfit, and Phoenix alter-ego’s schlong.

Ahh, so that’s why it’s so dark. I’d advice lowering it then, to make your capture conditions closer to the viewing conditions of most readers.

Keep in mind that if you’ve got an LCD screen, one of the common weak points of that technology is the degree/deepness of the blacks (they are unable to display something truly black). And that the more you push the brightness, the more you worsen it, making the blacks look more like greys.

Also excessive brightness will consume more energy (to be considered if you’re on a laptop’s battery), and do cause more eye strain.

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