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Well, lets say it this way. I avoided MO2 ’cause i read that it causes so many problems, but i never actually tried it. But then i ran in so many issues with NMM and Vortex that i gave it a try. Now i’m a bit angry with myself that i didn’t switch a long time ago. 🙄

It got a learning curve, but once you got accustomed to it, it will make a lot of things easier. Especially when you run tests for the game.

Regarding the XML. Those are used by almost everything for AAF. But they can also be used for the UI and many other things…

Regarding the fresh install. I’ve listed in my guide (see post #1) a few tools which might be useful to you (especially when it comes to cleaning the game). Which btw is another advantage of MO2, as you don’t change the game itself, only some virtual folders.

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